An Evening with Brett “Donut” Powers

"It doesn't get more 2009 than this."

Eli Moore introduced a new layer of satire to the world of motocross with his genre-defining website, “Brotocross,” the now defunct space that took an elevated look at our brutal, animalistic sport through humor so crass that it wouldn’t have even been considered possible before memes entered the populous’ lexicon.

While there may be hints of direct influence, Brett Powers carries the torch Eli left in a different direction. By merging his love of motocross and video games through YouTube, concurrent with the rise of the “livestream” video genre, Brett examines any and all things motocross from a vantage point nobody else in this industry seems to get right: at home, riffing with his friends and fans. A true man of the people. (I’m completely serious.)

He’d probably argue it’s not as complicated, as a matter of fact… though it’s not his intention to keep it that way.

While his contemporaries in the video game realm will continue to pump out work seemingly by the hour, Brett will take a year for himself and remain silent, the goal being to distance himself from the “video game / livestream” genre. His plans to premiere a “second” season (though more accurately his “first” in focused efforts at seasonal content) are certainly unorthodox by today’s standards, but it’s a move I ultimately commend him for. He’s sacrificing a lot of potential viewers and donors for a shot at making something he’s compelled to. How could you not be a fan of that?

Best of luck Brett, and thanks for the time.

Discussion includes: The off-base origins behind the “Donut” moniker, growing up on YouTube and MX Simulator, AVS video editing, memes, “Season 2,” and Brian Deegan’s distaste for our corporate overlords, among other things…

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This conversation is a little more free-flowing than previous WOE entries. I’d recommend a listen on a long car ride or slow day in the office. -Jared

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