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The Viewing co-founder Patrick Farris talks “Lost World”

World of Echo: What was the genesis for this project, Lost World? How’d you link up with Mike LeGrand? Everyone knows him from the Viewing.

Patrick Farris: Well, we started the Viewing together actually! I have been friends with Shane Durham since 2006 or so, which introduced me to Darryn and eventually, Mike. After living in Indiana, I ended up moving to Pittsburgh for a job that didn’t pan out, so I was basically stranded, living in my friends apartment at a UHAUL storage facility! That’s when I reached out to Mike about working on more projects together, because at the time I had already been helping him out with graphic design and vfx for his videos. We wanted to start a company soon after and, with the help of Darryn, the Viewing was born.

I moved to California shortly after to stay with Darryn and we shot a ton of stuff. Mike came out frequently as well, and it was essentially two-to-three years of that routine. Unfortunately, Darryn and I had a falling out of sorts, and I left the Viewing and got away from motocross in general up until this last project. It’s been about four years since I’ve been in the moto scene. I wasn’t riding anymore, and I was just kind of over the whole sport. I’m sure you know, it’s easy to feel that way.


I hadn’t spoken with Mike in about as long either, but the way it all worked out with this project and coming across the abandoned course to shoot on, I couldn’t waste the opportunity. We met at the course and he thought it was sick, then we planned for about a week or two, and after that it was back to stacking clips like back in the day!

It really was great reuniting with Mike though. Like I mentioned earlier, we hadn’t spoken to each other in forever. Within five seconds of starting back up it was like we never missed a beat. That made me happy.

I’m glad you were able to find a new outlet for your creativity in your time away from moto. I’m even more excited that you’re merging both worlds of golf and moto, linking back up with an old friend in Mike, and putting together this piece. It’ll mean more than just being another video.

In a lot of ways, Euforeia and Lost World are a culmination of my life experience. This project is the meeting of my worlds. On top of that… how should I say this? Golf is completely untouched. Action sports like moto, snow, skate, and wake, it’s all been done seven ways to Sunday. It’s really hard to reinvent the wheel in those arenas. In golf, it’s all new. It’s been the same for decades. It’s finally starting to get an edge to it by drawing younger participants and embedding itself in youth culture and streetwear, but there’s a ways to go.

For guys like myself, an older crowd who grew up on action sports but can’t quite perform like we used to, we’re turning to golf. It’s frustrating to revisit the sports that you enjoyed as a kid and then realize it’s not fun anymore, but in golf I’ve found an outlet that’s just as mentally demanding as those sports, minus the physical aspect. When you fuck up in golf, it hurts just as bad as a mistake in moto!

Farris, making his tee time.

Did you pick up golf from your Dad?

For sure. He’s been trying to get me to play golf since I was a kid! I had a love/hate relationship with it for a long time. I successfully resisted until Father’s Day, 2016. I took him to Oakmont for the US Open. That shit blew my mind. That was it.

You say there’s a youthful energy surging in golf, do you feel like you’re on the tip of a new wave with Euforeia?

Oh, for sure! When I started this four years ago, there were only two companies doing anything within the realm of what Euforeia was doing. We’ve been set back with issues finding production and COVID-related delays, so we’ve fallen behind our competition in that sense, but it’s starting to build now! It’s exciting. I think we have a lot of advantages over our competitors, in that we’re built on the roots they’re trying to embody. We didn’t adopt motocross culture, we lived it! They don’t have the roots to back it up. You know what I mean?

Y’all got the roots, no question! So, this video is centered around a new golf glove you’re developing?

The glove is pretty much the whole reason why I started Euforeia in the first place.

Hold on a second, I just rolled up to Mike’s house.

*To Mike* WHAT UP, ESE? Oh, not much… This spot is way back here!

Anyway, the whole reason I started Euforeia was because golf gloves sucked. I figured there had to be better ones out there, and after buying them all I found out there wasn’t, so I knew there was a niche to be tapped. I wanted to fill that space with something of quality and worth the money. I had been designing motocross gear for VEXEA a few years earlier, and I thought to myself, “Why not bring the glove technology from motocross to golf?”

That’s where Lost World comes in. I wanted to showcase those two worlds merging, motocross and golf, both of which coincide with my life experience, into one cohesive piece.

The “Tourismo,” Farris’ driving force behind Euforeia.

I imagine it’d be difficult entering the manufacturing world on your own. I assume it’s been a solo project?

Yes, and I couldn’t find a place that would make the gloves to save my life. I went to the PGA show to try and find a manufacturer, but I was striking out at every turn. Nobody could make this glove, apparently. There was one vendor though, in the textile/fabric wing, who sold high-end heat transfer labels (the stuff they use to get the stripes on your Adidas). We chatted for a minute and he pointed me in the direction of somebody who might be able to help.

I ended up on a conference call with a high-end company from New York who quoted me almost $50,000 to start production, which immediately made me feel like I’d never pull this off. One of the individuals on the call gave me a ring afterwards though, and he liked my idea so much that he put me in touch with their factory directly, bypassing all of the costs of going through their company. “You’re going to have to do all of the legwork, but I’ll put you in touch.” That’s how it got started. It took about two-and-a-half years just to sample all of the materials, but we got it dialed.

I can’t imagine it was easy, nor quick. Haha!

It was a total cluster fuck! [laughs]

I have a pedestrian knowledge of golf, but I feel like it’s kind of elitist, no? Expensive memberships advertising exclusivity. Are you trying to make that space more inviting?

It’s definitely true that golf has an elitist tone, and we’re absolutely trying to make it a more accessible space. We want golf to be approachable to everybody, whether it’s skate rats, inner-city kids, or moto heads. We want golf to be fun, not somewhere you have to tuck your shirt into your slacks for four hours. When we go out, we drink beer, we party, and we listen to music while we play. You can play anywhere, too! It doesn’t have to be Augusta or Pinehurst, it can be on the beach or on your block. That’s what golf can be.

I wanted to toss a question to Mike. Is he still with you?

Mike, are you still with me?

Mike LeGrand: Yeah!

Mike, what was it like to work with Patrick again after all this time?

Mike: It was great! Kind of out of the blue, but Patrick called me up looking for some help on this project, and I thought it was really cool so I agreed to do it! It brought me back to my roots in motocross, and the golf thing added a new flavor to it by shooting on an abandoned course. It was sick.

I know you two have shot a ton of stuff over the years in the motocross world. Is there anything you’re particularly proud of with this project? Maybe something you’ve never done before?

Mike: It was just super cool to shoot something that I’ve personally never seen done before. I was surprised we got away with four or five days of shooting out there, to be honest.

Patrick: We did get busted on the last day!

Mike: It was alright. We were getting the last clip of the day and some guy rolled up on us and threatened to shoot us if we didn’t leave, but he ended up being cool.

That’s a pretty chill “I almost got shot” story!

Patrick: This dude goes, “Do you have permission to be here?”

No. We’re just filming a project for college.

“You boys might get lead poisoning from all of the high-powered rifles we run with out here. I wouldn’t want you to get shot!”


He looks down after and goes, “Is that your drone?” And completely changed his tone in a split second. “Oh, cool! I have a couple of drones. Welp, have a good time, guys!”

We’re like, what the fuck just happened?

Mike: Yeah, we’re doing a college project. [laughs]

Special thanks to Jordan Hoover for setting this interview up, and Patrick and Mike for the time. Check out the “Tourismo,” along with the rest of the Euforeia Golf line at