Travis McCassey’s “Pre-CoronaCross” Edit

As if you hadn’t heard enough about the New England scene from me already, Southwick local Travis McCassey brought his band of misfits together for this carnage-laden, yet lighthearted, winter project. You might recognize a few of these guys from Banch: Travis, Seth Nicolo, Bocco, Rickey Deprey… but some new faces enter the fray in “Pre-CoronaCross.” Keep an eye on my boy Angelo Delbono!

Slim’s ready for his closeup.

From what Travis tells me, this is only the precursor for what’s to come this summer from the Massachusetts/Connecticut border. Armed with a new camera and a clean slate, I can’t wait to see what the crew gets into in 2021.

Make sure your homies are free before you watch. You’re going to want to go rip once the ground thaws.

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