Brandon Biro’s Vurb Original Edit with Derek Drake

Biro has been plugged into the California scene for many years now, a role that ultimately put him in position as one of Vurb 1.0’s resident West Cost Correspondents. What’s sick about Brandon is that he was always down to film with the homies, but once everyone grew up, the annual motocross trips dwindled down, and Brandon left that part of his life behind in a natural way. When we spoke for a story I wrote about Vurb early last year, he made mention his lack of enthusiasm towards being a professional videographer. “That just wasn’t for me,” he said. It was all about the fun.

That’s the main reason I’m stoked to see he’s made a return with fellow Californian Derek Drake. Biro’s back and enjoying his time behind the lens, the way it should be. Peep the new video below.

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