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World of Echo Film Festival

Motocross videos just got a whole lot better (or even worse). Details inside.

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While all submissions will be eligible for viewing, three will be selected to receive cash prizes. Our $1,500 prize pool is divvied up as such: $750 for first place, $525 for second, and $225 for third. (Additional prizes and awards may be issued at a later date.)

Q: I’d like to enter the festival, but I don’t want to potentially take prize money from someone else! Can I opt out?

A: Yes, if you feel that you are already an established filmmaker and would like to see the money go to someone more deserving, you can opt out of cash prize eligibility while still maintaining a spot on the festival roster. When submitting your entry to, be sure to clarify your position by stating, “I would like to opt out of cash prize eligibility.”

Q: Can I still enter the festival if all of my footage is shot on an iPhone? I can’t afford a real camera at the moment.

A: The answer to this is HELL YES! I want to see your vision no matter the tools you have to create with. In fact, you would be a prime candidate for our cash prizes.

Q: How many videos can I submit? Can I make more than one?

A: I understand there is a lot of time between now (note: written July 14) and the festival date, but for simplicity’s sake I ask that you submit only ONE film. Be certain the video you are submitting is the one you want us to see! If you are still working on your film, or unsure of which one to choose, I’d suggest taking some time to consider before submitting.

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