2021 World of Echo Film Festival

Our inaugural Film Festival went off with a bang! While we couldn't truly say if we made motocross videos better (or even worse), I think we at least had some fun along the way. Details inside.

The 2021 World of Echo Film Festival has concluded! Thank you to everyone who submitted films, those that helped decide our winners, and all who came and hung out during the festival showcase. Below you can find video archives to the showcase premieres, as well as links to our Short Form and Long Form pages, highlighting our award winners in each category as well as all of the films that were submitted (regardless of admittance into the showcase).

It was tough to choose our winners, believe me, but I think the group we got was pretty damn sweet! I hope you’re all proud of what you’ve created over the last few months. Among nearly 40 entries across 5 different countries, these films made up our festival.

>> Short Form Entries and Winners <<

>> Long Form Entries and Winners <<

Due to an influx of unique and diverse entries late into the submissions process, we have made the decision to split the films into two categories and award top three placement in each discipline. For films under 15 minutes in length, we have dubbed them as Short Form. All Short Form films will only be scored against each other. Naturally, films over 15 minutes in length have been given the title of Long Form, and will also compete with other like-minded films.

That being said, this means that our previous prize pool budget will not cover the breadth of films we wish to recognize. To compensate for our lack of foresight, we will be doubling our prize pool from the previous agreed upon $1,500, to $3,000. This way, we can award our original placement winnings of $750 for first, $525 for second, and $225 for third, to the top three films in BOTH the Short Form and Long Form categories. (We will do our best to evenly distribute the remaining physical prizes among each category.)

This monetary prize pool is courtesy of World of Echo and Atlas Speed Factory.

We are still committed to awarding a Monster Energy-branded Bumpboxx speaker system to the film with our favorite soundtrack, however, since we only have one to give away, both Short Form and Long Form films will be competing for this award together. We are also still giving away an assortment of the brand’s Athlete Socks to various contestants (limited to 12 pairs).

Vurbmoto has donated some garments of their own to support the cause. It’s broken down like this: a Vurb T-Shirt, Snapback, and Vintage 4-Pack DVD Collection for first place, a T-Shirt and Snapback for second, and a Vurb “Bullseye” 5-Panel for third. Further accessories and stickers will be dished out accordingly! (The “4-pack” is an anthology of Wes Williams’ full-length motocross films, from In The Ranks 2 all the way to War Machines.)