2021 World of Echo Film Festival: Long Form

In an arena all their own, a handful of filmmakers got together and made their case for the full-length film genre heard. Watch as Florida's Chris Post leads the charge with his determined contemporaries.

When it was ultimately decided to launch a film festival back in June, I had no idea what to expect. In fact, outside of a few close friends, nobody even knew this was going to happen. I was undeniably alone in this endeavor, meaning I promised all that I could at the time of the announcement: my time, a bit of money, and a place to host your films. There were no guarantees of sponsors, judges, or (most importantly) participants.

Thankfully, through a network of trustworthy friends, colleagues, and companies, we built a small yet mighty team worthy to represent the motocross films yet to be made. The only missing part was you, the filmmakers. And man, did you guys come through!

All told, we received nearly 40 entries into the festival when all was said and done, an entertaining and eclectic mix of films from across the globe, ranging from short works 2 – 10 minutes in length, to 25, 35, even 45 minute full-length features worthy of praise and recognition. With over half of those entires coming the night of the deadline, y’all had me sweating. I was not to be let down, though.

Thank you to our sponsors: Brian Garner at Atlas Speed Factory, Mike Schalkoff at Monster Energy, and Wes & Leslie Williams at Vurbmoto.

Thank you to our judges: Tom Journet, Brett “Donut” Powers, Mike Emery, Jordan Hoover & Rain Henderson, and John Fox.

And last, but not least, thank you to everyone who submitted films, the friends that joined us for the festival showcase, and those who are visiting this page now. It wouldn’t be possible without you.

Now… onto the Long Form submissions!

Excerpt from Chris: “Eh, stole my dad’s work van and took off to visit all the boys. Great time! Never, ever driving through Arizona or New Mexico EVER again. Super boring. Other than that… yeah. The trip was cool and I hope you enjoy the video!”

Excerpt from Andrew:203.1 is my first dive into the film world, and consists of my travels over the course of the summer. Shot between July – October, this vid covers everything from Outdoor Nationals, to the low key hidden gems ridden by some of the best in the NE region. Shot on a Bolex EBM Super 16, mostly on Kodak 50D, and 250D. Other shots are done with a Sony VX2000.”

Excerpt from Jake: “This film is the sequel to my Baja Brawl video from last year and I am happy to be participating in this festival. Probably about 75%-80% of this footage was filmed by a very concussed version of myself. Needless to say, it was hard to get up in the mornings and work the camera for most of the day while my brain was pounding, skull echoing from 110cc rev limiters. I hope you all enjoy!”

Excerpt from Reece: “I’ll be honest man, there isn’t much I enjoy more than a good moto/skate movie. I especially enjoy looking back on older movies and feeling that nostalgia, seeing some of the riders we know now as the best in the world, in the early stages of their careers. INSIDE OUT is essentially my attempt at creating that through how I see the world.”

“I remember spending my time in school listening to music and day dreaming about people shredding to the beat, so being able to do that for a living now is pretty wild! 2021 marks my first year pursuing filmmaking full-time, so as you can imagine it has been a pretty wild year. It beats being a lifeguard, that’s for sure!”

“My aim was to capture this moment in time so it can be encapsulated for us all to look back on in the future, and help us remember the good times that were had on the weekends. Hopefully I have achieved that.”

“TM75” by Dane Hart of Beans Mag

Excerpt from Dane: “Unfortunately, my computer took a turn right when I was editing and had to have my friend submit this for me, so I don’t think it went through correctly haha. But, ya! Made the edit super last minute and didn’t get enough clips I wanted and didn’t have the right camera, but I wasn’t expecting to get anything crazy from it all, so I just decided to send it in anyway. I’ll be doing some SX stuff soon with Ty this season so I’m excited.”

“This is Pro Motocross: The 2021 MiXtape” by Conner Hensley

Excerpt from Conner: “The opening round of the 2021 Pro Motocross season kicked off at Fox Raceway (Pala National) and featured what seemed to be THE MOST stacked lineup of riders ever.”

“I just wanted to make an old school video that compliments and embraces the technique, swagger and guts of these pros, with good music, to ultimately create a vibe from this single day of racing. The edit is in order that the day happened so that it could bring you back to watching the opening round of this year’s outdoor season.”

“CoronaCross: Racer’s Edition” by Travis McCassey

Excerpt from Travis: “Hey guys! CoronaCross is a chance to see a glimpse of what New England Motocross is about, from my perspective. I really hope you guys enjoy. Spots include: NESC at Southwick motocross (mx338), NESC at Crow Hill, NESC at Jolly (NHMX), NESC at Winchester Speed Park, Southwick National, Unadilla National, and a few hidden gems in the western Massachusetts area.”

“New England is home to a great talent pool of riders that absolutely shred on the weekends and are back to work on Monday. I’ve always wanted to make something full length and am beyond hyped to make it happen! Hope you guys support the cause and share with you father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, grandparents, and all your best buddies. Sit back and enjoy some good ol’ moto content. Oh, and thanks to R2MX Graphics, Vesta CBD, and Bad Dad Racing.”

“Greatest Clipz” by Elliot Phelps

Excerpt from Elliot: “I’m stoked I was able to put something together to get in on all the hype, as busy has been an understatement for me lately. Haven’t picked up my camera since Daytona of this past year… which is why I went about this edit the way I did. The amount of footage I’ve filmed over my life is crazy. I’ve lost a ton, but also saved a ton. My whole life I’ve always said you can make a tv show out of the crew I kick it with. Or anyone that surrounds us. That’s where I came up with the idea to mash everything together from all the years, and call it Greatest Clipz.

“I’m old school, lived for the moto movies that had skating, BMX, or just rad shit in it to get you hyped. I love moto, and will die loving it, but firmly believe you need to enjoy other things outside of moto or you’ll burn yourself out. This may not even come close to meeting the criteria, but as long as you smile a few times while watching, I did my job. So, in the end, I just wanted an all around hype film… I guess? Thanks for keeping film cool, enjoy.”

“Bad Dads in the Sunshine State” by Josh Prior and Kyle O’Connor

Excerpt from Josh: “This is a complete DIY film. All songs are performed by my band Neighborhood Beatdown, along with all footage belonging to Kyle and I. Just a casual video of us doing what we do.”