2022 World of Echo Film Festival

We're officially riding the post-pandemic high right into pre-economic collapse! Go make some dirt bike films with your friends in the meantime, and maybe you'll win a little extra cash before seeds become the new currency. Details inside.

The 2022 World of Echo Film Festival has concluded! Thank you to everyone who submitted films, those that helped decide our winners, and all who came and hung out during the festival showcase. Below you can find video archives to the showcase premieres, as well as links to our Short Form and Long Form pages, highlighting our award winners in each category as well as all of the films that were submitted (regardless of admittance into the showcase).

It was tough to choose our winners, believe me, but I think the group we got was pretty damn sweet! I hope you’re all proud of what you’ve created over the last few months. Among 26 entries across 9 different countries, these films made up our festival.

>> Short Form Entries and Winners <<

>> Long Form Entries and Winners <<

Awards will be electronically paid out in the weeks following the conclusion of the festival. Additional awards and prizes may be issued at a later date.

Your films will be automatically entered into either the Short Form or Long Form category, determined by your film’s total runtime. The Short Form category is for films less than or equal to 15 minutes in length. We will strictly adhere to this guideline, meaning that if you submit a film that is 15 minutes and 1 second long, you will be entered into the Long Form category, which is exclusively for films greater than 15 minutes in length.

“But, Jared!” You might say. “My film is exactly 15 minutes, but YouTube is displaying 15:01!” Don’t trip, just shoot me an email or DM to prove it. Otherwise you’ll be going up against the big dawgs.

We’re happy to bring on ADV Brand clothing to supplement our cash prizes for this year’s running of the festival. Under the helm of Georgia’s Mason Wheelock, ADV brings streetwear methodology to their roots in moto and action sports, providing quality threads for friends, family, and fellow purveyors of style.

Cory Schaffernocker’s Smooth Speed MX LTD. has also come on board for our 2nd running of the festival. Cory is basically the man when it comes to tires and rims in Ohio. If you’re in the Stark County area you ought to pay him a visit if your ride is in need of some new shoes. Save yourself the frustration and bloody knuckles! Cory hooked it up with some hoodies and keychains for select contestants.

Our panel of 5 judges can be found below! These individuals represent a wide range of motocross culture and ideology, using their talents and personalities to define what we think is great about moto. And they’re just damn good people to boot.