Film Festival

2022 World of Echo Film Festival

We're officially riding the post-pandemic high right into pre-economic collapse! Go make some dirt bike films with your friends in the meantime, and maybe you'll win a little extra cash before seeds become the new currency. Details inside.

This is an international film festival, and anyone can compete from anywhere in the world! We’d love to see how your local scene does it. International competitors will also be eligible for all cash awards if considered.

We will only accept films submitted via YouTube. This is a new stipulation, as last year we had a few outside entires that weren’t eligible for the showcase. Given that our festival will also take place on the same platform, this is a simple way for us to ensure that your film will be playable without issue (read: not blocked by copyright). If it goes through YouTube, it’s cool with us! Please understand that copyright situations are fluid, and anything YouTube deems unfit for their platform, at any time, is out of our control.

We will not accept films that use other motocross creator’s footage without their permission. Unless you have an agreement that can be verified by an independent third party between both sides, we will not accept a film that contains motocross footage captured by anyone other than yourself. If you are still unsure about your situation, or have a specific question about what you can or can’t use, just reach out and we’ll answer it. Put bluntly, don’t rip Tom’s footage from the Team Fried vlog and claim it as your own.

We will not accept films that were released (read: uploaded) prior to January 1st, 2022. Call it cruel, but we want to encourage filmmakers to create. It wouldn’t feel right to reward someone who has been sitting on a previously completed film while others raced to beat the deadline. You are, however, welcome to use footage that was captured in years prior, so long as it is released in a new edit that premiered after January 1st, 2022.

The festival deadline will expire exactly at Midnight Pacific Standard Time on the evening of Friday, November 4th. Plan accordingly so you can have your film in before the deadline expires! We understand that shit happens, deadlines suck, and there are never enough hours in the day, but please just do your best to be on time.

Once you’ve submitted, one of 3 scenarios will occur:

  1. Your film was not accepted into the festival showcase πŸ™ – But, all films submitted will be featured on the World of Echo website after the festival has concluded πŸ™‚ – They will stay on the site until the servers explode, or until your YouTube channel gets deleted by rouge AI.
  2. Your film was accepted into the festival showcase! πŸ™‚ – However, it was not nominated for awards consideration πŸ™ – Your film will still be displayed during the showcase, and will be featured on the site.
  3. Your film was accepted into the festival showcase, AND you were nominated for awards consideration! πŸ˜€ – That means you’ll be displayed during the showcase, you’ll duke it out for the big bucks in whichever category your film qualifies for and, of course, your film will be featured on the site.

The festival showcase will play out over two nights on November 19th and 20th, two weeks after submissions close. Details on what time the festival is happening and when your film may be playing will be announced in the months to come.

Awards will be electronically paid out in the weeks following the conclusion of the festival. Additional awards and prizes may be issued at a later date.

Your films will be automatically entered into either the Short Form or Long Form category, determined by your film’s total runtime. The Short Form category is for films less than or equal to 15 minutes in length. We will strictly adhere to this guideline, meaning that if you submit a film that is 15 minutes and 1 second long, you will be entered into the Long Form category, which is exclusively for films greater than 15 minutes in length.

“But, Jared!” You might say. “My film is exactly 15 minutes, but YouTube is displaying 15:01!” Don’t trip, just shoot me an email or DM to prove it. Otherwise you’ll be going up against the big dawgs.

We’re happy to bring on ADV Brand clothing to supplement our cash prizes for this year’s running of the festival. Under the helm of Georgia’s Mason Wheelock, ADV brings streetwear methodology to their roots in moto and action sports, providing quality threads for friends, family, and fellow purveyors of style.

Our panel of 5 judges can be found below! These individuals represent a wide range of motocross culture and ideology, using their talents and personalities to define what we think is great about moto. And they’re just damn good people to boot.

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