2022 World of Echo Film Festival: Short Form

In 2022, filmmakers from around the globe came ready to play in our sophomore edition of the festival. In our Short Form category, watch heavy hitters from Italy, New Zealand, France, and America battle for the top spot. An unlikely winner emerges.

Last year, I wanted to host a festival because I simply thought it would be a neat project and a good outlet for the community. I had some idea of the amount of work it would take to put on. I had little idea of the amount of people who would show up. I had no idea the amount of trips I would be making to the post office.

They say ignorance is bliss, and I believe that to be true. It was easy to accept the challenges of hosting a film festival without actually knowing what it would take. Doubling down with this new knowledge made me reluctant to do it all again. With the positive response in 2021 though, I felt persuaded to go after it anyway. And after receiving our submissions this year, 26 films from 9 different countries, I am glad I did.

Below you will find the hard work of filmmakers near and far, comprised of people you know, and probably even more you don’t know. Original motocross films made by riders, for riders. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your reassurance.

Thank you to our sponsors: Mason Wheelock at ADV Brand and Cory Schaffernocker at Smooth Speed MX.

Thank you to our judges: Chris Post, Jimmy Hill, Andrew “Skooty Puff Jr.” Ryan, Alan Perreard, and Mike LeGrand.

Now… onto the Short Form submissions!

Notes from Thomas: “This year I’ve made a short documentary on one of my best mates, Ezra Holmes. Ezra is one of the hardest working people I know and has been for as long as I’ve known him. I feel like you always hear kids talking about the hard work and dedication that they put towards the sport, but you never really get to see it in action. So, for this film, I thought I’d try and show it. Ezra himself funds a large part of his motocross, so he has no choice but to work hard if he wants to achieve what he’s set out to do.”

“I’ll let the film speak for itself but, let’s just say, I’ve gotten up and milked with Ezra a few times. It sucks… a lot.”

Notes from Tommaso: “I’ve been following the festival since last year, but I was scared about not being good enough as a camera guy, as I bought my first digital camera only in March 2022, 6 months ago.”

“I would love to share this video with everyone all around the world, and specifically to the US guys. I’’ve been watching the stuff you guys are doing in the US since Terrafirma 2 on VHS.”

“I’m quite obsessed with all the scenes on the other side of the Atlantic, and when we started the “AstroClub” project with Mattia (Guadagnini), one of our goals was to share more images from the MXGP world, which is still “behind” in terms of content innovation.”

“So, this video is the perfect representation of how we want to display the Moto (European) Industry to the world. Some racing, lifestyle and other cool shit.”

“Hope you’ll enjoy it, regardless of the result.”

Notes from Ugo: “This is my first ‘proper’ video project I’d say, a bit overwhelming as I was still fully working at Fox at the time before starting PRISM Vision, but stoked on how it came out.”

“The goal of the video was first of all, was to showcase the 250 2 stroke from GasGas, and then on our side it was to create a cool piece that felt like us.”

“It was so sick to spend time with Navas and his crew, the vibe was so different from my racing background but I truly loved it. It felt a lot more like the surf/skate vibes, and also a lot more like myself. Most of his buddies just started to ride, about 6 months ago I reckon, but they’re all there for the love of riding. I guess the video tells it by itself, so I’ll let you guys watch it and I hope you’ll have a good time!”

Notes from Ian: “I hope you dig my submission.”

“The Shoals MX” by Andrew Boccarossa of Expressions of the Unspoken

Notes from Andrew: “An average day at The Shoals MX. Some of the GNCC Series’ heaviest hitters prepping for the opening round in the coming weeks. Shot on Super 16 on Kodak 50D and 250D. Other shots are on a VX2000.”

“Riders: Bubz Tasha, Steward Baylor, Josh Strang, Liam Draper, and Craig Delong.”

“In memory of Curt Bolger #154.”

“If You Ain’t First, You’re Last! – RedBud MXoN 2022” by Karl Bohn

Notes from Karl: “RedBud Motocross of Nations. Team USA brings home the win on home soil. Eli Tomac, Justin Cooper, and Chase Sexton.”

“For Echo” by Tallon Coane of TC Films

Notes from Tallon: “Heard about the film contest today so, uhh… here! Nothing crazy. Also shout out Posty!”

“One Time at RedBud” by Brian Garcia of 92Cinema

Notes from Brian: “This is a story about some friends and I going up to race Pro Motocross at RedBud in Buchanan, Michigan. Had some of the best times of our lives!”

“KASKADE” by Owen Gorsuch

Notes from Owen: “We got it done last minute! When I first heard the festival was coming back I told myself I wouldn’t have time, I’m too busy, blah blah blah. That was a load of BS. I was just too lazy, uninspired, or whatever. Luckily I found that spark again and made a late charge for the festival because I knew I would regret not even trying.”

“The style that I’ve been developing is going to be the same in this video. This is what I see and what goes on in my head on every time we ride NorCal’s most badass single-track. See the world how I see it!”

“Coastal Livin’ ft. Fitz & Jizz” by Alex Griffiths of The Bakery Film Co.

Notes from Alex: “We weren’t planning on submitting this vid but as per usual, we didn’t think about doing something for it until now! This is some footage from a weekend I spent with Ryley Fitzpatrick & Jett Williams. I guess it turned out alright! Saturday we ran up to Lemon Tree Valley, and big shout out to Zac Garforth for letting us come out, ’cause we would’ve been filming on shitty single-track for the day. And it would’ve been rude not to hit up Coolum the next day and link up wit some friends :)”

“2022 Big Hill Jam” by Ryder Koch of Foggy Llama Films

Notes from Ryder: “Welp. I ran out of time. Plain and simple. I’m in the cut on a rad piece documenting retired pro Noah McConahy and I’s summer adventure over to Washougal for the Top Gun Team Shootout. The blessing and curse of consistent freelance work made it tough, and I ultimately ran out of time.”

“Nonetheless this is a rad project I did in collaboration with the Motoclimb Super Series team. Fresh out of high school, the promoters took a chance on me and brought me down to the Hill property for the weekend and man was it a blast! Working alongside Tom Journet, who was shooting the Monster video, was super rad and getting to know the Hill brothers was a real pleasure. All in all I’m really stoked on this project, and the countless relationships I made with promoters, brands, riders, and filmmakers was super cool.”

“Most of all, I am stoked to see the other submissions. This festival is something really really cool, and I hope that it keeps going and growing!”

“Waiting” by Tobias aka Lampenracer

Notes from Tobias: “I’m Tobi aka @lampenracer (which is the German word for headlight racer). The nickname is from my time riding Enduro, but for the last two years I’m on the YZF.”

“I did a DIY short movie on my own with a tripod, a cheap smartphone and some freeware for editing. Hope you enjoy it.”

“MooreMoto: The Vault” By Benjamin Moore

Notes from Benjamin: “A short film from my moto trips and film trips in 2022, along with a stash of film I’ve been hoarding from a previous project.”

“Coalescence Pt. 1” by Garrett Poll of Red Creative

Notes from Garrett: “We wanted to create a small docu-series that would highlight the fact that local racing isn’t just a bunch of kids trying to be the next big thing in professional motocross. Welcome to episode 1 of Coalescence, featuring Vet rider Sebastian Santiesteban.”

“Still Smoking: Down South” by Wade Raynor of Victory Lap Productions

Notes from Wade: “Per usual, shit got busy as hell and my master plan for the festival never came together. That being said, I did get to experience a few things this year that I have always dreamed about and shot some things that blew my mind. Even though I didn’t get to make the film I had envisioned once the festival ended last year, I will continue to support this in any way possible, and I figure submitting this video is one way I can do that. There is still hope for next year, though!”

“Anywho, I got together with some close friends and headed to North Carolina for a bachelor party. We rented out the CopperHead Ranch AirBnB just outside of Wilmington, NC and had a blast. Cole Superczynski brought his crispy CR250 out and spun some laps. This is hands down one of the cleanest bikes I have ever come across, and it sounds even better than it looks. Turn those speakers up and enjoy the music!”

“At Home ft. Benny Bloss” by Tyler Roberts

Notes from Tyler: “Just something that I filmed for fun back home with Benny!”

“The Story of Us” by Jesse Smith

Notes from Jesse: “They say mud is the great equalizer, and the 2022 Loretta Lynn’s Regional Qualifier at Washougal had no shortage of mud. The effort shown by all riders was truly inspiring. Written by Meagan Lancaster. Narrated by Joey Lancaster.”

“Highlight Reel” by Alex Spears of Anyways Media

“Lewiston Supercross” by Tanner Waite of Plan Z Productions

Notes from Tanner: “I’m a video creator from Farmington, New Mexico, Currently Living in Pullman, Washington. I’ve been riding dirt bikes my entire life and I love everything about it. I especially love capturing moto on video. It’s my first year as a creator, and this supercross event in Lewiston, Idaho was a blast to capture. I hope to start to an exciting career as an action sports video creator.”

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