2022 World of Echo Film Festival: Long Form

A select group of committed filmmakers brought the big guns for 2022 in the form of our Long Form submissions. Watch as crews from Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United Kingdom clash for global supremacy. Hint: the kids are alright.

Last year, I wanted to host a festival because I simply thought it would be a neat project and a good outlet for the community. I had some idea of the amount of work it would take to put on. I had little idea of the amount of people who would show up. I had no idea the amount of trips I would be making to the post office.

They say ignorance is bliss, and I believe that to be true. It was easy to accept the challenges of hosting a film festival without actually knowing what it would take. Doubling down with this new knowledge made me reluctant to do it all again. With the positive response in 2021 though, I felt persuaded to go after it anyway. And after receiving our submissions this year, 26 films from 9 different countries, I am glad I did.

Below you will find the hard work of filmmakers near and far, comprised of people you know, and probably even more you don’t know. Original motocross films made by riders, for riders. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your reassurance.

Thank you to our sponsors: Mason Wheelock at ADV Brand and Cory Schaffernocker at Smooth Speed MX.

Thank you to our judges: Chris Post, Jimmy Hill, Andrew “Skooty Puff Jr.” Ryan, Alan Perreard, and Mike LeGrand.

Now… onto the Long Form submissions!

Notes from Reece:The Film Cru is back again with another long one! I wanted to focus on the youth this time around and give them some of the recognition they deserve. Before I even started I had a look back at the feedback I got last year and tried to build on that. The aim was to remind everyone, especially the young kids, that it’s not about where you end up, but how you get there.”

Notes from Joël: “Follow Showpony Films through our journey across America for the trip of a lifetime, where we visit some of the most epic motocross tracks the world has to offer!”

Notes from Charles: “This is a collection of footage and adventures that have unfolded over the past 2 years! We’re extremely proud of this video, as it showcases some of the tracks we’ve worked on/built and, more importantly, it’s MATES hanging out and have an EPIC time doing some EXTREEMEE shit! A massive thank you to everyone involved and the riders that all fkn shred… we just love pointing the camera at you.”

“Post-credits is deluxe feature where the goonies (aka d-class) take it to the dunes, plsss no hate. A swift reminder that not everyone can lay flat crépés over every jump, as it is impressive as all hell to watch, don’t get us wrong, but shit… most people can’t even jump a dirt bike, so pls just enjoy some of the memories we’ve archived and we hope this makes you wanna go for a ride ASAP!”

“Camera Ops: Flinders Johnston, Charles Allardice, Will Camp, Jarryd English, and Brad Segda.”

“Edit: Charles Allardice.”

Notes from Joseph: “After making my first edit last year I took to the internet to find myself a VHS camera, but before I purchased anything I asked my grandparents if they had one laying around, and luckily my Grandma hooked me up with one that was in mint condition (other than a broken battery). I found a few replacements online for cheap and my grandma set me up with about 20 VHS-C tapes.”

“I was hoping to get more footage from this race and have a little more of a story rather than just riding, but I’m still happy with how things turned out. I’ve got big plans for racing next year so this might be my last edit for a while! Hopefully you guys like it.”

“For the Love of Moto (Chasing Loretta’s) by Kelly Alred of Led Bull Studios/Fluffy White Productions

Notes from Kelly: “First of all, thank you for holding this film festival! I discovered you last year, and after the 2021 festival and was truly inspired by all the entries. I am a racer who is transitioning into videography, and I have never been more happy in what I do everyday.”

“As an amateur filmmaker, this festival gave me the motivation to do something I’ve never done – create a full length documentary. I began in early Spring of 2022 with the sole purpose of finishing in time to submit this entry. It has been a valuable learning experience, and I have enjoyed every minute!”

“Follow motocross racer Jonathon Archambault on his quest to race the AMA National Amateur Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s. Jonathon and his family share with you their love of motocross, and his journey to chase a lifelong dream.”

“The Race Beyond the Pines” by Greg Hutchinson of Dialed Style

Notes from Greg: “Went up to Maine for the MX207 Maine Event. Had no plans of making a “movie,” but the footage was sick and once I started editing this is what it turned into!”

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