Scope 2

This is a new weekly article called “Scope.” There are lots of interesting pieces floating around the web that revolve around dirt bikes, be them directly or indirectly related to the sport, and I figure there ought to be a space for them to go. We’ll mark this spot as a landing pad for now. Sound good? They’ll be safe here, I promise, at least until I stop paying to host the site. Or until WordPress goes out of business. Or when the Earth folds in on itself.

Who knows? Some other things might seep in here, too. I believe that motocross is more than just the tracks we ride, the bikes we build, the races we watch. It’s the people, the music, the lifestyle, and the culture. Salt of the Earth type-folks listening to blazing fast hardcore, tuned to the nomadic and sporadic. Race is next week? Let’s get the bikes loaded. We can make it by Sunday if the van stays pinned. Nevermind the trans oil leak, the dust on the rags. My mind is unvarnished in the stream of headlights bound west while we’re eastward. No other place to go but out, anyaway.

I think I’ve been inside too long. Did I say weekly, too? That’s not right. I’ll be replenishing this space whenever the time is right.

Images from Transworld MX Volume 3, issue 7. August 2002. Photos by Frank Hoppen of Hoppenworld fame.

For starters, I’d like to see anyone get that close to a rider these days! As noted in the caption, Frank’s flash blinded McGrath that night, causing his team members to give Frank a fair shake down. Nobody blinds The King, apparently.

Below is a shot of K-Dub, because I think it’s a beautiful counter to the chaotic entrapment of the first image. Not only that, it perfectly captures what K-Dub is all about, floating above the track with the grace of a ballerina. Stand tall and salute the style, on your tippy toes!

The more I learn about the New England motocross scene, the more I’m convinced it’s the most fun and unique place to ride your motorcycle. From the mind of Josh Prior, this is another recommendation from my ears on the ground correspondent Andrew Boccarossa, who appears in or captures some of these raucous videos himself. I’ve cherry-picked my favorites below, but be sure to view the entire Bad Dad Racing catalog on YouTube or Instagram. The boys in the NESC know how to have fun on two wheels. Peep it. Way cooler than any “vlog” you’re about to watch. (Prior edits these to music from his own DIY punk band… worth noting because that’s sick.)

A new series from the Fox Racing Digital Cinema camp is hitting the web right now, with episodes featuring Adam Cianciarulo and Ken Roczen live on their YouTube channel. Episodes so far were shot and cut by Ricki Bedenbaugh, Ryan Marcus, Austin Hoover, Jordan Hoover, and Colin Kennedy. Foxhead always rolls with a hefty crew, and with Avery Rost in their wheelhouse now, the sky’s the limit. Honest and raw truths from AC below. Favorite quote: “I love you guys but, the cameras are too close. I’m going to kill someone out there.” Life of a motocross videographer.

I make mention of it below, but Kyle Cowling’s “No Runners” with off-road champion Trevor Stewart is live on the web. He’s pushed the envelope for narrative driven motorcycle filmmaking once again with a story of depression and desperation, as T. Stew grasps with the realities of the world around him. How can I be a world-class athlete without folding under the pressure of my own mind? Why do I feel like I have nothing when I’ve accomplished so much? What does it mean to be true to oneself? The duo pose a lot of interesting questions, almost like an essay. Truly the work of some individuals in a sea of copy-cats. If you don’t dig it, you can always just re-watch Steel Roots.

Last but certainly not least, Jake Juett of Flower Boy Films chopped up a full-length video following the homies at the Baja Brawl in Millington, MI. This event is always nuts, and the madness of 2020 increased the chaos ten-fold. Major props to Jake on his first full-length. The first of many, I hope. For someone who has been in the ranks on the IG edit wave, I’m surprised and stoked he came away with a 20+ minute piece here. I applaud any filmmaker who pushes beyond what they’ve previously done, and Jake has done that in spades. Be sure to wish him well as he heals up from ACL surgery. (Yes, he hobbled around on crutches to make this video. Shades of Seth Heggie for “Why We Ride.”) Respect.

Adam Lough recalls the divine oddity of shooting MF DOOM during his days at NYU.

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Kyle Cowling is offering incredible filmmaking insight in talking about his new film, “No Runners.” Up and coming videographers, this is a can’t miss on the Vurbosphere.