Brandon Biro’s Vurb Original Edit with Derek Drake

Biro has been plugged into the California scene for many years now, a role that ultimately put him in position as one of Vurb 1.0’s resident West Cost Correspondents. What’s sick about Brandon is that he was always down to film with the homies, but once everyone grew up, the annual motocross trips dwindled down,Continue Reading

Charles Bakke’s 2021 Freestone Edit

Dwellerboy took a brief sabbatical from the Monster Energy Supercross series during the Dallas residency and booked it to Wortham, Texas, to catch up with the amateur scene at the annual JS7 Spring Championship. The native Texan knows this event like the back of his hand, so despite the short amount of time he spentContinue Reading

Travis McCassey’s “Pre-CoronaCross” Edit

As if you hadn’t heard enough about the New England scene from me already, Southwick local Travis McCassey brought his band of misfits together for this carnage-laden, yet lighthearted, winter project. You might recognize a few of these guys from Banch: Travis, Seth Nicolo, Bocco, Rickey Deprey… but some new faces enter the fray inContinue Reading


A privateer, a filmmaker, and the New England motocross scene.

The Viewing co-founder Patrick Farris talks “Lost World”

World of Echo: What was the genesis for this project, Lost World? How’d you link up with Mike LeGrand? Everyone knows him from the Viewing. Patrick Farris: Well, we started the Viewing together actually! I have been friends with Shane Durham since 2006 or so, which introduced me to Darryn and eventually, Mike. After livingContinue Reading

Bad Dad Racing (Video Roundup)

The more I learn about the New England motocross scene, the more I’m convinced it’s the most fun and unique place to ride your motorcycle. From the mind of Josh Prior, this is another recommendation from my ears on the ground correspondent Andrew Boccarossa, who appears in or captures some of these raucous videos himself.Continue Reading

Speeding Motorcycle

No Lucas Oil girls. No jumobtrons, podium speeches, or champagne spray. No berms and no jumps, save for the ones mother nature provided before we got there.

Jordan Hoover’s “The Plague Mixtape”

World of Echo: Yo, I love the video man. Jordan Hoover: Right on, thank you. I’m eating some pizza while we do this. What kind? It’s from Blaze Pizza. It’s got spicy sauce, vegan cheese, spinach, jalapeño, banana pepper and red onion. That’s a pie right there. The place rules. So what’s the story behindContinue Reading


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