2022 World of Echo Film Festival: Long Form

A select crew of committed filmmakers brought the big guns for 2022 in the form of our Long Form submissions. Watch as crews from Australia, Netherlands, Canada, and the United Kingdom clash for global supremacy. Hint: the kids are alright.

2022 World of Echo Film Festival: Short Form

In 2022, filmmakers from around the globe came ready to play in our sophomore edition of the festival. In our Short Form category, watch heavy hitters from Italy, New Zealand, France, and America battle for the top spot. An unlikely winner emerges.

“Keep Rolling,” and Embrace the Unknown

With the help of Vahna, La Clef, and a myriad of co-conspirators, Alan Perreard wields his visual storytelling abilities with vigor, inviting us to complete his story for him. A welcome entry to open-ended filmmaking engulfed by the information age.

Charles Bakke’s “Found Friends” Video

After numerous failed attempts at coming up with something witty, of substance, or even cheeky, to say about Charles “Dwellerboy” Bakke’s “Found Friends” video, I simply gave up. There’s no point. No amount of verbal gymnastics could convince you to watch this video if you didn’t already have an inkling of interest when you clickedContinue Reading

2022 World of Echo Film Festival

We’re officially riding the post-pandemic high right into pre-economic collapse! Go make some dirt bike films with your friends in the meantime, and maybe you’ll win a little extra cash before seeds become the new currency. Details inside.

On Tour with Chris Post

Posty comments on his mad dash across the country, which netted him the win in our Long Form category of the 2021 Film Festival. His free flowing entry captivated our panel of judges, and reminded us in the best way that we’re all just kids with cameras.

Mike LeGrand Interview

The Death Crüe reassembled in the hills of western PA, leaving no coal slag unturned in their pursuit of eternal internet glory. A bite-sized Viewing retrospective broke out in our recap.

2021 World of Echo Film Festival: Long Form

In an arena all their own, a handful of filmmakers got together and made their case for the full-length film genre heard. Watch as Florida’s Chris Post leads the charge with his determined contemporaries.

2021 World of Echo Film Festival: Short Form

Stacked with new talent and seasoned veterans, the Short Form division of our 2021 Film Festival kept the judges on their toes. Mike LeGrand and his crew of lovable misfits reminded us all why their legacy stands so tall.


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